“I recently used the CheckoutWC plugin for my WordPress e-commerce site and was thoroughly impressed with the exceptional support provided by Clif from the CheckoutWC team. Throughout the setup process, Clif demonstrated a deep understanding of the plugin and a genuine commitment to helping me resolve my issues. His explanations were clear, concise, and easy to follow. Clif went above and beyond to ensure that the CheckoutWC plugin was seamlessly integrated with my site. Clif’s responsiveness and dedication were remarkable. He promptly replied to my inquiries and continued to check in, ensuring everything was running smoothly. His personalized support was a testament to the CheckoutWC team’s commitment to user success. I highly recommend the CheckoutWC plugin for its robust features and user-friendly interface, but what truly sets it apart is the outstanding support provided by Clif and his team. With their expertise and dedication, you can trust that your e-commerce site is in capable hands.”
“The plugin always performs top-notch. The team is very active in developing the plug-in and the support is very responsive. I use this plugin for every project.”
“Great plugin for Customizable Checkout Templates. My client is very satisfied with this find and it greatly facilitates sales.”
“My name is Stephan, our sales went up since we use CheckoutWC, we are selling vitamins in Mexico and the US, we had with the original WooCommerce setup a lot of questions from prospects because the orginial setup is very confusing for customers, we have much less questions in our chat, and more sales i totally recommend it.”
“As a co-founder of WiZmed, integrating CheckoutWC into our eCommerce site has been a game-changer. The user interface is intuitive, significantly enhancing our customer checkout experience. What truly sets CheckoutWC apart, though, is the outstanding customer support. The team’s prompt, professional, and friendly assistance has been invaluable. Highly recommended for any eCommerce business looking for reliability and excellence in service.”
“By far the most important plugin we have for our site. The constant development, fast support, and great community make this plugin 5 stars. The streamlined checkout has helped our conversion rates at least 30%. Thanks so much for the continued work on this plugin.”
“We managed to design high quality product pages. Implemented custom content and discounted our prices… It turned out that the major problem was the native woocommerce checkout. CheckoutWC is by far the best checkout solution for WooCommerce – design and codewise. Using express and single page checkout our ads campaigns conversion improved by the day.”
“Looks great. More functionality then Shopify checkout highly recommend”
“I have limited experience with coding and website design – I am self-taught with Code Academy and some online classes – and I’ve put together a pretty decent woocommerce site with my studies using Elementor Pro and a basic theme. When I can find a plugin that does a lot of work for me, I’m thrilled and THIS is BY FAR the best plugin I’ve purchased to date. I’ve purchased a few plugins to help design the checkout experience – all I no longer use due to glitches and/or poor customer service. This plugin has it all – it has several templates and all or most will work with your theme or custom design – and the result is BEAUTIFUL. Looks great on desktop, tablet and mobile, something I struggled to make happen without the plugin. There is a lot of customization available in the app but if you’re a perfectionist like me, It’s easy to add some css styling to move buttons around or change their sizes – all right in the app. Customer support is superior. I’ve had to reach out to several different developers over the months and Cliff and his team set the example for how support should interact with customers. I received a response in less than 24 hours when I needed a small snippet to fix a payment icon. When I had issues with my thank you page (due to a past plugin’s settings), Cliff and and his team created a patch and had the problem fixed in less than 48 hours. Absolutely superb support. It is inevitable to have glitches or issues, especially if you’re trying to run plugins and themes from different developers – and this team will make sure their plugin works for you. I thought it was great that I had a 7 day free trial to make sure this worked for me and that I liked the application. I’m definitely sold for many years to come. Absolutely worth the investment. I’d love to see the developer create something for the woocommerce account – I bet he could do wonders with that. Thank you so much for your hard work and development.”
“Oh my gosh! This has improved our checkout so much! And the support is phenomenal. I wasted so much time and effort with other half baked solutions. Then I modernized my checkout in a couple of days using this plugin! Happy dance!”
“All I can say is Clif is the man. When I needed help with CheckoutWC, he was right there.”
“Needed help with a theme conflict and their plugin, they helped within 24 hours. Every time I’ve needed assistance their support has been fast and effective. Highly recommend CheckoutWC!”
“Without hesitation the best WooCommerce plugin I’ve bought in a long time. If you want to increase your checkout conversion rate and provide the best possible customer experience, this is a must. The conversion rate of our clients jumped by 2% thanks to this plugin!”
“Thanks for your great service! Love your support and your product. Huge fan!”
“We’ve used out CheckoutWC for over 3 years on our WooCommerce shop and it has worked superbly. I highly recommend the app. We’ve tried a few other checkout plug-ins and the UX, UI and reliability of CheckoutWC was by far the best. The easy of use and sleek design helped us improve conversion rate by several points. Never had any crashes or issues.”
“We purchased CheckoutWC plugin and we didn’t regret it! The product is great, and we observed a significant raised of our conversion rate. But most important, we were facing a compatibility issue with a 3rd party plugin. They didn’t have to, but Clifton took time to help us, to understand our needs, and helped us by coding a customised fix. He pays attention to his customers needs, and we really appreciate. Amazing work!”
“Excellent plugin! We’ve seen a lift in conversion rate, their support team is super responsive and helpful and the checkout looks great!”
“A very clean and tidy app, just what you need for a checkout. Quick and intuitive to increase conversions on your website”
“This plugin is highly under-rated and wish I found it sooner.”
“We’re loving CheckoutWC! Let’s face it, WooCommerce’s native checkout looks blah, it’s tough to format, and it can be kind of cumbersome for your shoppers. CheckoutWC brings a modern, clean look to your e-commerce store’s checkout without headaches. AND CheckoutWC’s support team is awesome. They are actually helpful, always respond quickly, and they go above and beyond to make your e-commerce store a success.”
“You might think it won’t matter to streamline the regular WC checkout, but once you try this plugin, you’ll see why it matters. Every little friction that can happen in the checkout process is ironed out and, most importantly, should you get stuck at any point, the helpful support is always there to help you out.”
“The platform is visually appealing which makes a difference with customers. Installation is easy and the platform has incorporated multiple payment gateways smoothly. The one time I needed to reach out for assistance the communication and outcome were better than I had hoped for. CheckoutWC should be a standard install on any serious WP eCommerce site. Simply brilliant!”
“CheckoutWC is AMAZING! We saw an immediate 8x improvement in conversions when we made the switch from the standard WooCommerce checkout to CheckoutWC! I recommend it to EVERYONE who I know that has a WooCommerce store. I also cannot say enough about Clif and his team. They do an outstanding job addressing any “bugs” in a fast and simple way.”
“I purchased CheckoutWC a couple of years ago. And I must say I am very happy with it. The service is good when you need help. I hope they will continue to improve this plugin for years to come.”
“The best UI / UX for the WooCommerce checkout page and best of all it’s easy to integrate. I was a bit close to getting YITH, but comparatively they were way better and the customer service is definitely great.”
“Great Tool! Amazing, it really helps us to fix our problem and generate more business because of CheckoutWC”
“No complaints at all. Make WooCommerce checkout smooth and slick. I’ve never encountered any issues with it either, and support is responsive at answering questions. I can’t find any reason to give it less than 5 stars! I use it on every eCommerce site.”
“CheckoutWC has taken our WooCommerce checkout to the next level! WooCommerce is great, but it’s checkout flow leaves something to be desired. With CheckoutWC we were able to create a simple, streamlined, elegant checkout flow that made the purchasing process effortless for our customers. After launch we saw an over 50% increase in conversion rate. Who wouldn’t want that?”
“CheckoutWC is a must have for WooCommerce stores in my opinion. The built-in checkout process in Woo is outdated and not nearly as intuitive as the one of Shopify. The CheckoutWC plugin tackles this issue perfectly. Great support and frequent updates. As a developer who works with e-commerce all day long, I cannot recommend this plugin enough!”
“Very happy with Checkout WC! Many of our customers are 60+ in age, so they need something clear and simple to avoid confusion. I no longer get emails and calls from uncertain customers trying to check out. This plugin is easy to use and looks so much more professional/streamlined than the WooCommerce default checkout page.”
“We were only achieving around an average 2.3% conversion rate when checking our Analytics found most drop offs were at the checkout stage. A friend recommended CheckoutWC so we took the free trial and was hoping for maybe a few percentage increase in sales. Holy Cow!!! We only installed this plugin 2 weeks ago and we had a 17.2% conversion rate the first week and 20.8% the second week. This plugin has made such a huge difference to our website sales, it’s phenomenal!”
“Seriously, what a great tool. CheckoutWC completely modernizes the default WooCommerce checkout experience –streamlining the friction typically caused by the sea of daunting un-styled fields, poor order-review UX, and lack of organization. In a matter of seconds, CheckoutWC drastically improves customer experience on one of the most vital pages of your site. A hands down winner.”
“CheckoutWC magically took my stores from simple checkouts to conversion machines. Finally, a solution that simply and easily makes the improvements to the cart I’d been piecing together with custom code and multiple plugins. A++”
“Awesome plugin and support! Works right out of the box. I was looking for a plugin to have same checkout as Shopify, and here it is! I had an issue integrating Sendcloud, support worked on it and solved the problem. The plugin is a budget but the checkout is way better and will definitely increase my sales. This is a must have.”
“Good plugin frontend and backend. Also very helpful support.”
“Could NOT live without this. The difference-maker to any WooCommerce site. As a developer, it just takes the hassle out of building out a kick-ass checkout journey and keeps things clean, usable, and simple!”
“CheckoutWC really does instantly upgrade any WooCommerce checkout with a conversion-optimized layout that is tested and true. The team also provides great support, are consistently optimizing and developing the plugin and have fair prices – highly recommended!”
“Really love this plugin. I have used it for a while and works right out of the box. Install, activate and it just works completely flawless. Many of my client uses Vipps Hurtigkasse as their primary payment option. I asked if they could support this gateway, and with the next update its was ready. Thanks for one of the greatest WooCommerce plugins out there!”
“CheckoutWC works way better than I could have hoped. In a business where I have to program everything myself, I’m thrilled I have something simply delivers without over-configuration. It’s a simplicity I would have been proud to create, except I didn’t have to and I could spend time on my own products. It’s what a premium plugin should be.”
“Clean design, moves the checkout process along beautifully. Looks great on mobile. Very happy with the product, it really enhances our site. A huge improvement over the standard WooCommerce checkout page. Very helpful support. We are very happy!”
“CheckoutWC has increased the ease of use on our checkout expenience and more than halfed our checkout abandonment. We highly recommend CheckoutWC to everyone who cares about their Woocommerce site.”
“As an agency we use CheckoutWC on several sites. We can honestly say this is by far the best checkout page upgrade you can get and it wil convert much better then most of them. Easy installation, good documentation and a very good UI. Pack this together with the smooth looking templates for the frontend and we can only conclude that this plugin is among the best in the game..”
“With products like CheckoutWC it’s easy to see the future of eCommerce on WordPress come alive. A checkout focused on improving user experience and conversions is something that’s been missing from WooCommerce for a long time.”
“As an e-commerce store owner, you understand how critical the checkout phase is for your business. Too detailed and your cart abandonment rate will go up, so when I found CFW and started testing it vs. our existing template, I was ecstatic to see an increase of 17% vs. our previous checkout. Since, I’ve learned that the team behind is also very hard working and extremely fast to implement modifications/integrations.”
“The work CheckoutWC has done to help make WooCommerce checkouts look and feel natural, and drive conversion, is top notch. I highly recommend CheckoutWC to every store I talk with.”
“CheckoutWC makes customizing the checkout page easy and the process for customers even easier. I ask my customers only the info I need so they can complete the process faster. A more pleasant experience for them, and more sales for me.”