CheckoutWC Features

CheckoutWC is Very Customizable
As Easy as 1, 2, 3

Customizable Checkout Templates

Don’t waste your time with page builders – our templates are ready to deploy in minutes.

  1. Choose from 5 Modern Templates.
  2. Customize logos, fonts, and colors
  3. All templates are optimized for mobile
CheckoutWC Flyout Cart Illustration
Flyout Cart – Magic Cart – Floating Cart

A Built In Side Cart

Keep your customers focused on their buying journey with a quick and effective side cart. This is a replacement for the normal cart page that streamlines the connection between adding an item to the cart and heading to checkout.

Position the floating side cart button wherever you need it.

  1. Free shipping progress bar (optional)
  2. Make changes right from the Side Cart
  3. Use Order Bumps to increase the average order values.
  4. Apply discount codes directly in the cart. (optional)
CheckoutWC Supports Express Payments
Apple Pay – Google Pay – Amazon Pay

Express Checkout Buttons

Get your customers to the finish line faster with Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and Amazon Pay options.

Upsell – Add Ons

Order Bumps That Convert

Boost your average order value up to 12% with targeted Order Bumps. Special offers can be shown conditionally based on other products or product categories of items in the cart, or for all products. You can also offer a flat or percentage discount on the offered item.

WooCommerce Subscription Support
Recurring Payments

Support for WooCommerce Subscriptions!

More and more businesses are growing their recurring revenue with subscriptions. CheckoutWC fully supports WooCommerce Subscriptions, as well as many popular add-ons like All Products for WooCommerce Subscriptions.

Adaptable Checkout

Support Different Product Types & Delivery Methods

Sell digital and/or shipped products? CheckoutWC will adapt to what is in the cart and show only the required fields and steps to complete the order.

Want to offer Local Pickup? Set pickup locations and allow customers to choose between picking up or shipping the order.

Complete the Sale

Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails

CheckoutWC 8.0 adds the Abandoned Cart Recovery feature. Designed to help WooCommerce store owners recover lost sales, this feature sends customizable email reminders to customers who have abandoned their cart, offering them incentives like discounts or free shipping to encourage them to complete their purchase. Not only does this feature help increase sales and revenue, but it also improves customer retention and satisfaction.

Increase Revenue

Post Purchase Upsells

Order bumps have a new location option – After Checkout Submit Modal

This is a great way to grow your Average Order Value (AOV) with last minute offers.

“CheckoutWC has increased the ease of use on our checkout expenience and more than halfed our checkout abandonment. We highly recommend CheckoutWC to everyone who cares about their Woocommerce site.”

All That And More!

Beyond the features mentioned above, we’ve got loads of other ways that CheckoutWC makes the purchasing process better for your customers.

One Page or Multi-Step Checkout Flow
Show all checkout fields on one page, or in an intuitive multi-step layout.
Order Review Step
Add an extra “summary” step between payment details and finalizing the order.
User Matching
Match orders and user accounts via email address whether logged in or not.
Zip Autocomplete
Automagically fill out state and city when the zip code is entered.
Address Autocomplete
Use Google Maps or Fetchify to autocomplete and fill the full address.
Optional Full Name Field
Use a single input for customers full name instead separate inputs for first and last.
Discreet Address Fields for EU Markets
Automagically fill out state and city when the zip code is entered.
Email Address Validation & Domain Autocomplete
Avoid errors in email addresses on orders with automatic validation of email address and autocomplete.
Trust Badges
Communicate value propositions and trust. Refund policies. Fast shipping. Guarantees.
Fast and performant
CheckoutWC won’t slow down your WooCommerce store.
Safe and Secure
We follow industry standards and best practices for a secure and safe checkout.
International Phone Numbers
Validate and store international phone numbers.
Cart Variation Editing
Customers can edit all variable product options from the checkout page.
Variable Order Bumps
Customers can select product options when accepting an order bump of a variable product
Suggested Products Carousel
Display cross-sells, upsells, or just random products in the side cart.
Store Policies
Define a list of links to your policy pages that open in a modal window at checkout.
“Very happy with Checkout WC! Many of our customers are 60+ in age, so they need something clear and simple to avoid confusion. I no longer get emails and calls from uncertain customers trying to check out. This plugin is easy to use and looks so much more professional/streamlined than the WooCommerce default checkout page.”