Checkout Settings

Order Notes

Determine whether the order notes appear on the checkout page.

Skip Shipping Step

If you only have one shipping method, you can opt to hide the shipping step entirely by checking Skip shipping step.

Hide Coupon Code

When Enable to hide coupon code until link is clicked is checked the coupon code will not appear until the user clicks a link labeled ‘Have a promo code? Click here.’

Login Style

By default, we show and hide the login form automatically based on whether we detect that the email address entered matches an existing account. To enable this behavior, select Enhanced.

If you choose WooCommerce Default, this behavior will be replaced with an alert style message prompting the user to login above the form, the same as the native WooCommerce checkout page.

Registration Style

When Enhanced is selected, we will override WooCommerce’s registration settings to automatically generate a username and password for customers. They will just see a ‘Create account’ checkbox.

When WooCommerce Default is selected, CheckoutWC will respect the WooCommerce settings and offer a password field like the native WooCommerce checkout page.

User Matching

User Matching provides two features in one:

  • When a customer with an account places a guest order using the same email address as their account, we attach the order to their account.
  • When a customer who has placed guest orders registers for the first time with the same email address, we match previous guest orders to their new account.

This feature is available to Plus (Legacy), Pro, and Agency license holders.

Order Review Step

For more information on Order Review Step, see our guide here.

Address Autocomplete

For more information on Address Autocomplete, see our guide here.

SmartyStreets Address Validation

For more information on SmartyStreets Address Validation, see our guide here.

Mobile Options

Options that only affect the mobile view.

Mobile Coupon Field

When Show coupon field above payment options on mobile is checked, a separate coupon field is shown on mobile devices separate from the one in Cart Summary. This is to make it easier for customers to find the coupon field on mobile.

Show Credit Card Logos

By default we hide the credit card logos on mobile due to spacing issues. Check Show credit card logos on mobile to override this behavior.

Cart Summary Mobile Label

Determines what the label for the cart summary is on mobile. By default it’s ‘Show order summary’