apply_filters(‘cfw_body_classes’, array(‘checkout-wc’))

Filter classes on <body> tag. Default: checkout-wc

apply_filters(‘cfw_get_shipping_checkout_fields’, $checkout->get_checkout_fields( ‘shipping’ ) );

Filters an array of shipping address fields.

apply_filters(‘cfw_get_billing_checkout_fields’, $checkout->get_checkout_fields( ‘billing’ ) );

Filters an array of billing address fields. 

apply_filters(‘cfw_payment_gateway_field_html_’ . $gateway->id, $field_html);

Filter the HTML output of each payment gateway.

apply_filters(‘cfw_get_template_part_skip_’ . $template_part, false)

Filter whether the given template is loaded by returning true or false (default).

apply_filters(‘cfw_show_shipping_tab’, true)

Filter whether the shipping method tab is displayed. (If the cart does not need shipping, the shipping method tab will never be displayed)

apply_filters(‘cfw_template_global_params’, array());

Add additional global parameters to the global template parameters object.

apply_filters(‘cfw_template_tab_container_el’, ‘cfw-tab-container’);

Filters the main tab container HTML element ID.

apply_filters(‘cfw_template_breadcrumb_id’, ‘cfw-breadcrumb’);

Filters the breadcrumb HTML element ID.

apply_filters(‘cfw_template_customer_info_el’, ‘cfw-customer-info’);

Filters the customer information tab HTML element ID.

apply_filters(‘cfw_template_shipping_method_el’, ‘cfw-shipping-method’);

Filters the shipping method tab HTML element ID.

apply_filters(‘cfw_template_payment_method_el’, ‘cfw-payment-method’);

Filters the payment method tab HTML element ID.

apply_filters(‘cfw_template_cart_el’, “cfw-totals-list”);

Filters the cart container HTML element ID.

apply_filters(‘cfw_template_cart_subtotal_el’, ‘cfw-cart-subtotal’);

Filters the cart subtotal HTML element ID.

apply_filters(‘cfw_template_cart_shipping_el’, ‘cfw-cart-shipping-total’);

Filters the cart shipping HTML element ID.

apply_filters(‘cfw_template_cart_taxes_el’, ‘cfw-cart-taxes’);

Filters the cart taxes HTML element ID.


Filters the cart total HTML element ID.

apply_filters(‘cfw_template_cart_coupons_el’, ‘cfw-cart-coupons’);

Filters the apply coupon container HTML element ID.

apply_filters(‘cfw_template_cart_review_bar_id’, ‘cfw-cart-details-review-bar’);

Filters the cart review bar HTML element ID.

apply_filters(‘cfw_allowed_script_handles’, $ignore);

Filters list of allowed script handles. Scripts handles present in this array will be loaded on the checkout page, even if they are in a 3rd party plugin or theme.

apply_filters(‘cfw_allowed_style_handles’, $ignore);

Filters list of allowed style handles. Style handles present in this array will be loaded on the checkout page, even if they are in a 3rd party plugin or theme.

apply_filters(‘cfw_customer_information_heading’, __( ‘Customer information’, ‘checkout-wc’ ) );

Filter the customer information tab heading. 

apply_filters(‘cfw_billing_address_heading’, esc_html__( ‘Billing address’, ‘checkout-wc’ ) );

Filter the billing address heading.

apply_filters(‘cfw_shipping_address_heading’, esc_html__( ‘Shipping address’, ‘checkout-wc’ ) );

Filter the shipping address heading.

apply_filters(‘cfw_shipping_method_heading’, esc_html__( ‘Shipping method’, ‘checkout-wc’ ) );

Filter the shipping method heading.

apply_filters(‘cfw_payment_method_heading’, esc_html__(‘Payment method’, ‘checkout-wc’) );

Filters the payment method heading.

apply_filters(‘cfw_no_payment_required_text’, esc_html__(‘Your order is free. No payment is required.’, ‘checkout-wc’) );

Filters the no payment required text for free orders.

apply_filters(‘cfw_link_cart_items’, __return_false() )

Filters whether cart items are linked to their respective products on the checkout page. Default is to not link cart items. Return true to link them. 

apply_filters(‘cfw_should_load_template_functions’, true)

Turn off checkout template’s functions.php file. 

apply_filters(‘cfw_typescript_compatibility_classes_and_params’, [])

Inject TypeScript classes and parameters from compatibility classes into checkout page. 

apply_filters( ‘cfw_check_create_account_by_default’, true )

Controls the default disposition of the create account checkbox. If false, create account will be unchecked by default.

apply_filters( ‘cfw_show_order_summary_link_text’, esc_html( ‘Show order summary’, ‘checkout-wc’ ) );

Filter text of ‘Show order summary’ label on mobile cart.