What happens when my license expires?

An active license is required to use CheckoutWC.

If your license expires due to a canceled subscription or failed payment, after a 3 day grace period, your checkout page will revert to the normal WooCommerce checkout page (or your theme’s version of that page)

We do this for a few reasons:

  1. It allows us to offer monthly pricing.
  2. Maintain a plugin like this is a LOT of work. Regular updates are crucial for the plugin to perform correctly.
  3. It protects the profitability of the product, which allows us to invest significant resources into making it better.

We want to be “all in” with our customers. Too many WordPress products have languished as an increasing number of customers rely on outdated versions. This forces companies to focus primarily on acquiring new customers, which is bad for existing customers and new customers.

We do not currently offer a lifetime license and do not plan on ever offering a lifetime license option.