International Phone Field

The International Phone Field feature uses international telephone input to validate the phone number according to the country selected by the customer. It also allows you to format the phone number for normalized storage.


  1. You must have configured WooCommerce to enable the phone field.
  2. For validation, the phone field must be set to required.

By default, the phone field will be set the country the customer selected but it can be changed to a different country:

If the phone field is required, a proper phone number must be entered for the selected country.

The phone number can be stored in one of several formats:

Raw Value: The number is stored exactly how the user entered it.

E164: Format phone number with E164 standard.

International: Format phone number with RFC3966 standard without the tel: prefix

National: Format phone number based on selected country. US Example (555) 555 – 5555, UK Example: 07911 123457

RFC3966: Format phone number with RFC3966 standard.